Learn to Dance the Bolero

Learn to Dance the Bolero

Learn to Dance the Bolero

Originating in the late 18th century, Bolero dance is a combination dance from Spain that takes form in ¾ time. Cuba also has a version of Bolero that is original to their culture taking form in 2/4 time.

While Bolero is a unique form of dance,
it is quite similar to the Rumba.

They share the same footwork, only Bolero is to a slower rhythm and tempo, ringing in at 96 beats per minute. Rumba has a tempo that is somewhat faster than Bolero dance with a tempo of 104 BPM. Because the difference in tempo is so slight, it’s a bit difficult to distinguish Bolero from Rumba..

The Bolero is often called the dance of love because of the music and the slow and graceful dance steps.

Bolero dance is one that is beautiful and graceful. So much so that the it is frequently referred to as “the dance of love.” The reason being the slow tempo and flowing movements.

The music of Bolero dance is typically arranged with Spanish vocals accompanied by subtle percussion using the conga and bongos. The unique, Bolero dance can be characterized by the long sweeping side steps. The expanding and contracting effect of Bolero makes a dramatic statement in a soft and romantic way.

 Learning the Bolero Dance can be difficult for beginners because the rhythm can be hard to distinguish from other dances. Fortunately, Arthur Murray Dance Centers can set you up with dance classes with a trained dance instructor that can help beginners, and advanced dancers alike. Let us be the answer to your questions about dance lessons, and learning to dance in general. We are ready for you to come join us at our dance studio to learn Bolero dance, as well as the rumba, so that you can feel the difference. Sign up for dance lesson with us today!

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