Learn To Dance The Argentine Tango

Learn To Dance The Argentine Tango

The Argentine Tango Dance has been made popular on stage, and on screen, through it’s dramatic portrayal of passion. The Tango is an extremely difficult dance to learn, and master, as it is more than just a dance. As believed by the Argentinians, the Tango dance is a way of life. To properly perform the Tango, one must bring their passion into their moves, and must “feel,” the music that you dance to. Our dance lessons for Tango at Arthur Murray will teach you how to combine the moves you make with the music you hear, for a profound understanding of the “soul,” of the Tango.

The origin of the Tango can be traced back to the 1880’s in the lower class areas of Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

Tango can best be described as a fusion of culture, with influences from Cuban Habanera and European culture, as well as African Culture. It is said that the word Tango, derives from the African word for drums, Tambor.

If you think you are ready to feel the rhythm and want to learn to tango, consider signing up for dance classes at our dance studio. At Arthur Murray, we have multiple teachers available for dance lessons, and are ready to teach you the passionate art of dance, through the Tango.

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